Golden September @home

29. September 2016

The summer stays with us a bit longer und gives us this amazing sunsets rigth at home. So in love with this place.

Kitesurf World Cup Fehmarn 2016

24. September 2016

It is World Cup time again. This year the Grand Slam tour stop took place on our beautiful island “Fehmarn”. We took the chance to organise a hydrofoil camp besides the World Cup to bring hydrofoiling the next generation a bit closer.  More Info about the coming foil camps contact Kea @ kea(at)

German Kitesurf Masters SPO 3rd Place 2016

24. September 2016

Thank you Sankt Peter Ording, you are a absolute miracle. Each time from year to year it is even better than before. It was a blast competing again in the German Nationals. Great weekend with such a good vibe between the riders. Stoked to be on the podium again and having a good time on the water. The wind was blowing every day, all disciplines were accomplished and after the three days everyone was completely exhausted. Super fun weekend! Thanks all for making it happen

Kieler Hydrofoil Camp

24. Juli 2016

Welcome to the second Kieler hydrofoil Camp. Because of the great response we continued the hydrofoil camp to more dates and locations. Images by ©  JHP Stay tuned @ LiquidForceKiteboardingDeutschland

Magic full moon session back home

05. August 2015

Magic full moon session back home. Little insight of the latest kiteboarding magazine.

King of the Lagoon 2nd Place

22. Juni 2015

Dat war ne klasse Sache! King of the Lagoon 4 the 2nd time in Buesum. 3x Hospital, nen paar Delikte, pumptrack, Luxus suite am Strand sowie feinste Bedindungen. #königlich
Danke Pascal- es war geil!

Tarifa is calling // Cataloug shooting 2016

15. Mai 2015

Thank you Tarifa for an epic time. Every day kiting, every day so much fun. The Liquid Force promo shoot 2016 was a blast. Hope to see all of you soon again.

R4R Kitefest 2015 Lake Neusiedl (Austria) 1st Place

05. Mai 2015

“hey babe, take a walk on the wild side, I said…” Mit Lou Reed im wunderschönen Breitenbrunn beim ersten R4R kitefest 2015 hosted by Westcoastkiters?. Fett war es gewesen! Dank an den BBQMASTER Roni. Organisator Sandro. The one&only Racedirector Heinar. Man behind the cam Luki. Und hauptsache Xaver kam heil in BB an. BIG UP R4R kitefest  ->?GOODTIMES?

Happy Eastern!!

23. April 2015

Yippiejayeah, I wish you a wonderful Easter-Weekend with bunnies and eggs and all that goes with it… Yihhhaa

2nd Place Chill The Hill 2015

25. März 2015

That was “Chill the Hill 2015″, Hell yeah!
This picture is part of the “Magic Moment” photo competition. So if you enjoy it share and like it to spread the world! Thanks so much Rudi Dellinger! S.H.A.R.P! #snowkite #whiteworld #bluebird #bierbank #obertauern #livetoride Hangon Kiteboarding Bliss Protection adidas eyewear SCHWERELOSIGKITE Liquid Force Kites silbaerg Snowboards #goodtimes #windy #magicmoment #shredfest nextyearagain @ChillTheHill