A new format besides the Red Bull Ragnarok will take place in Haugastol in less than 10 days. I’m in and this is what Remi says…

Remi Meum:“I am happy to introduce Nikolai Rodin, Eric Ellioth Kvamsdahl and Lukasz Balinski as the film crew for the invitational!! These guys will take care of each of the 3 teams and a draw will decide who will be your videographer for the week. Not only that Morten Gjerstad will document all the crazy stuff happening behind the scenes and put everything together in a complete movie. Get ready for the spotlight! Athletes confirmed and we are getting closer to the social shred workshop!!

I’m pretty stoked to join the project and come back after three years to one of the best places for snowkiting I have ever been so far. Stay stuned and see you in Norway!

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