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„THE BOYS WENT OUT“ in your next Kiteboarding mag

Freitag, 22. April 2011

I’ll give you two good reasons to buy a subscription to the magazine. Firstly, in the next issue everyone who gets the KB at home will find the TBWO movie attached as a DVD. If you don’t have a subscription, but still want to see the whole movie, you can get it at

Secondly,  TBWO is a complete new format of kiteboarding movies. This movie is not just about the action, in fact, it shows what kb is really about – what drives us to get up at 5 ‚o clock in the morning and wait for wind… damn it was so wicked to ride for several weeks with the nicest guys in Denmark. Hittin‘ some rails, lookin‘ for some waves and having heaps of fun.  It was an indescribable experience and also makes for a good story. Check it out on featuring Henning Sandström from Sweden, Chris Tack from Belgium, Tom Schüller, Torben Käding from Germany and Oli Panny from Austria. Peace!

from Martina Chamrad on Vimeo.