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Snowkite Masters in Winterberg

Montag, 21. Februar 2011


Snowkite Masters – you can delete snow and kite: it remains a sick wallride and a won vodka. The result of the really bad conditions was a nice park session and a cozy evening in the winter wonderland of Winterberg…

Thanks to Mathias Schumacher for the great pictures.

German Champion 2011

Montag, 14. Februar 2011

At the border triangle, which is formed by Switzerland, Austria and Italy right in the middle of Europe, lies the contemplative town of Resia. Resia has made a name for itself as a snowkite destination over the past years, and has been home to the German Snowkite Championships for four consecutive winters now. The spot lived up to its reputation of providing good obstacles, constant wind and great parties once again. With consideration to the international field of competitors, the event committee also awarded the additional title of the snowkite worldchampion 2011. It has been not much wind, but still tons of fun to hit the box with some frontside boardslide 360 revert. The competition ended last sunday and hell yeah I could defend my title as German snowkite champion 2011 and managed to get second in the international ranking .

Thanks to for the sick shots below.