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Kiteskate Masters 2010

Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010

Its Saturday the 10th of July and I’m at the „Tatort Hawaii“ to pull off the first Kiteskate contest in the history of kitesurfing together with Torben and Jens. Its a sunny day at the beautiful kitespot Stein. To use the butterbox and kicker also without wind the locals supported us with a jetski and a boot . As we got started the guys were pushing it really hard from the beginning and everyone gave it a go on hitting the obstacles. Amir was an outstanding rider and could get every vote from each rider. BIG PROPS to all riders and Schwerelosigkite, who made it possible.

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Sonntag, 04. Juli 2010


Bring Tatort Hawaii to your home and get your new wallpaper. This spot is going to be the stage for the first Kiteskate Masters 2010. More infos you find on

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