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X Board Slide’n Ride Copenhagen 1st overall

Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010


You won’t believe it, if you haven’t been there. When I arrived I had no expectations about the coming event. I had to wait at the airport for 4 more hours before my boardbag also landed in Copenhagen. At the first sight of the spot – whatever, I can’t tell you how stoked I was. MJ made a dream come true and brought two massive nylon obstacles from unit park tech to the dirty brown lagoon. Despite the water colour it was the perfect flatwater spot. With the X Board Slide’n’Ride Peter Sands and Thomas Alsbirk, one of the international LF riders, established  the first real wakestyle event in Europe. Props to you guys!

18 invited riders from all over Europe made the event a special one. Henning Sandström from Sweden threw huge grabs in the air, and to be out on the water with Oli Panny from Austria again was just fun. For me it ended on crutches, because I fucked my knee after a glorious party at the cable park on Sunday. But anyway, until the next Slide’n’ride I will be recovered- yeah.  See you guys in 2011 in copenhagen for the next Slide’n’Ride. It was a pleasure meeting all of you and riding together.

ps: thanks Balázs for storing my stuff and Sally storing us.

Slide´N´Ride 2010 official video from XBOARD.DK from on Vimeo.