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First day Snowkite World Cup Resia

Samstag, 30. Januar 2010
It has been good conditions for the first day of the official Snowkite World Cup and German Championship. Not really a lot of wind but still enough to get the freestyle heats done.  Yesterday they have canceled the freestyle discipline in my heat, so I had to compete first today. I continued to the semifinals successfully. There I met on Remi Meum the snowkite champion of 2009. This guy is killing it. It was a pleasure to ride with him. He did a sick KGB grabed and a lot more stylish tricks. In this first snowkite contest for me I rode my best heat against Remi, doing a fs 360 indy, bs 360,  s-bend to blind, kiteloop to wrapped, fs boardslide 360,  slim chance and frontmobe. I lost but still have been stoked of the session. In the loosers final I met on Oli Panny a team budy from Liquid Force. A really nice guy, who rides with a lot of power and super stylish.  We both rode the envy and had a lot of fun shreding the obstacles and kickers. At the end I got third. Hopefully the wind will pick up tomorrow to have another sick day on the snow.

back at the base

Dienstag, 26. Januar 2010

…just got back home and it is a huge difference between 30°, turquoise water, bright sunshine and minus 10° with snowfall.
Anyway, last Friday a nice article about the snowkite session on the Wasserkuppe was published in a daily paper. Just perfect, to get me real excited about the next snowkite session…

Fuerte forever #1

Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010
The first days on the new 010 material have been awsome. Riding in bright turquoise water and sunshine, wearing boardshorts only  –  i like! Around afternoon the wind dropped – we all didn’t like-  so we switched from waves to dunes and had a fun session on sand.

Fuerteventura training part 1

Sonntag, 17. Januar 2010

DSC02445Early in the morning we arrived on the island. So we still had a lot of time to check out the spots. The next days it will be windy and the waves as high as today – i like! Yesterday we had the first session on the water with 30° degrees, boardshorts and easy 15 knots at the north shore. Here are some pics from the north shore…

with daisy to wasserkuppe, vogelsberg and winterberg

Sonntag, 10. Januar 2010


The low-pressure region “Daisy” brought along a lot of wind. We started our trip on the wasserkuppe and rode the first insane session. The day after, Daisy was too strong, took all of the snow and blew it away, so we continued driving north heading towards Winterberg. All of the crazy pictures will be in the next Kiteboarding . Don’ t miss it…

hit the road again

Mittwoch, 06. Januar 2010


Hey folks, I’m back on the road. Just chilling at the railway station and wait for the next train to the middle of Germany. The plan is to be on the waku to ride the first session tomorrow.  Perhaps we are lucky again to witness one of these very random perfect days wiht blue sky, fresh powder and wind.  So far so good, hopefully a lot of good pictures are following. cu on the highest mountain in Middle Germany…