The new Envy is finally available. This kite is so much fun. I have never flown a kite which is so stable, so easy to control and offers so much versatility for easy cruising, wakestyle and freestyle. The Envy is a blast from the first moment on, and will never get in the way of your progress. That’s most importantly, able to enjoy your time on the water. For me thats it, what it is all about. Check out the new Envy. It pays to buy good kites.

2 Antworten zu “envy”

  1. Mathias sagt:

    dude.. r u just flying envys from now on? ;)

    btw: the first material for our slider project has arrived. it’s gonna be wicked.. so come around to help us out and hit it!!

  2. jan sagt:

    good news! dude stick to your guns! Keep me posted, wanna see some nice pics of a huge monster slider then I come :)

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