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Freitag, 21. August 2009

Together with Torben, Merit, Flo and Jens, I had a sensational summer in Kiel. We did a sigthseeing tour trough the hole city with the target to surf the city. The pictures are published in the latest KIELerLEBEN on Page 78 to 80, so don’t miss it! cheers

„Kick it like Shigi“

Montag, 10. August 2009

Last year We had a fantastic Kicker session at the „Tatort Hawaii“. It is one of nicest places in Kiel to go kiteboarding and chill at the beach. You should check the new homepage! Jonas did a good job of capturing this badwing in Stein.
so don’t miss the latest kb ;-) Cheers, Jan

Please find attached the sequences in the latest Kiteboarding Magazine.

PKRA World Cup St. Peter Ording!

Mittwoch, 05. August 2009

The first days of the PKRA in St. Peter Ording are over. I had to go through the trials and are now in the main event. The next few days are looking pretty windy, so stay tuned! Besides the event together with the riders and Jens we had a lot of fun, hiting a sliders with a winch, chilling ina chakuzza or just chilling on the beach.